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PHASE I. Entrance into a new astrological cycle. Night and Day are balancing, and life is becoming. This project continues to transform, with every season that passes… like my own personal practice with these teachings. I am continuously reminded to listen, feel, and trust myself sincerely. Tuning my sensory system and calming my nervous system with the rhythm of my breath has been giving me the time and space to be. I love the calm, the healing, the deep centering that this self awareness brings.


It’s here!!!

The Living In Rhythm 2019 Winter Workbook edition begins in late December at the Winter Solstice and ends in early April, just after the Spring Equinox.

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Inside you will find the tools you need to map the rhythms of the moon though the lunar phases, the astrological cycle, menstrual cycle, and the unique constellation of the moon centers. There is space within the workbook for setting intentions and documenting reflections during each lunar cycle of the season. This workbook is designed to assist in developing the sensory system through self awareness and alignment with the grand cycles that make living life on earth so unique and wonderful… it’s a personalized guidebook for learning to be in the flow… its Living in Rhythm.

aquarius moon :: solar eclipse



new day. new moon.

new me. new you.


Ready to rise.

Feeling steady & wise

in the midst of grounding these electric vibes. ✨🌑⚡️🌞✨

yes I’m ready.

centered, & steady,

change is on the horizon.

✨yes I’m ready.


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Sag Moon 💫✨🌑✨💫


💫crossing the galactic center

projecting from the heart

embody inner visions, while

embracing a brand new start💫

Happy New Moon✨🌑✨

💫with saturn in the lead, the sun, dark moon, venus, and mercury are gathering at the galactic center in Sagittarius.  Like a cosmic roll call... time to get in line... there will never be another moment like this one~ so set your new moon intentions and be sure to aim high⚡️✨

scorpio moon ✨⚡️✨🌑✨⚡️✨


with the sun, moon, venus, & jupiter all in scorpio...

The vibes are thick.

Truth, power, morality, and sexuality are being magnified under this cosmic alignment. We are studying, refining, and mastering that which has our highest focus... Focus.

...Center... & Listen...

Speak truth to power. Embody the positivity and integrity that dwells within the hearts of humanity.